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Do you wonder what that long list of processes in your task manager comes from? Are all those programs running there really needed or are they a virus, adware, spyware.. recording all your keystrokes and then sending your passwords to a remote server? Read the articles below and learn about some of those processes.


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Power-Scan and unwanted browser pop-up windows


For the last few days I have been agressively receiving popup windows when browsing the web. Almost every other time I click on a link another browser window opens in the background or foreground (pop-under and pop-up) with an ad. I ran spy-bot search and destroy but nothing was found. After booting my PC a new 'Power Scan' software starts up (automatically).


Indeed this is related. You did not intentionally install powerscan. 'Power Scan' poses as a tool that searches for spyware or other pests and indeed locates some cookies on your machine. However, PowerScan also monitors your browsing habits and distributes the data back to the manufacturer's servers. The program then fetches the 'appropriate' advertising and creates those pop-under/ pop-up windows. The manufacturer's name is 'Integrated Search Technologies'. PowerScan is a useless program that only eats up your bandwidth and CPU cycles. While the program comes with an 'Uninstall' link to be found via the control panel's 'Add/ Remove Programs', running SpyBot is a good idea.

By the way, your SpyBot should have identified it, I recommend downloading the latest version of SpyBot with the latest database of known threats.
Be careful where you download your copy. Sites like or are ok. I have heard of modified versions of SpyBot which will look the other way when they find spyware. These modified versions have most likely been put out by the manufacturers of tools like 'PowerScan'.

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