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Spyware window titled 'SafeNow' - How to remove SaveNow


My internet connect is slower lately and sometimes a browser window pops up and it is titled 'SaveNow'. What is going on there?


SaveNow is an product distributed by Bearshare, DivX player, some mp3 Encoder, Imesh and a few other downloadable programs. SaveNow is made by a company called WhenU. SaveNow tracks what web sites you visit and occasionally pops up separate browser windows with targeted advertisements and special offers. It continuously downloads updated information about new offers and collects all kinds of information of you to send it to their server. In almost all scenarios, this slows down the computer's internet connection.

You can remove SaveNow from your computer using the control panel. (SaveNow will show either as SaveNow or WhenUShop.) It will tell you to uninstall SaveNow, you have to remove that 'free' software that you recently got (DivX player, MP3 encoder...). You can do that or you can get Adaware or a similar spyware killer.

Get AdAware at

Get SpyBot at

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