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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Stephen Scott Diago, Stephen Scott, Stanley Ibgmere, Ronald Rich

Name: Stephen Scott Diago, Stephen Scott, Stanley Ibgmere, Ronald Rich


Stanley Ibgmere
Ikeja, Nigeria 23401

Other Comments:
This man writes to you through a dating site (Jumpdates in my case). He tells you he is Italian, that his wife died four years ago from cancer and he is left alone with a young son called Mark. He will then tell you that you have reached him in another country where he is fulfilling his dream to have his own crude oil sales busines as he is a Chemical Engineer. After some time goes by (a week in my case) he tells you that things have gone wrong with regards to his working permits. He is very canny, he will have you thinking he and his son are in a small financial problem, the check he deposited in The Bank Of Nigeria is delayed in clearing and he needs to make a weekly payment on his working permit. He will tell you he only has $450.00 in his wallet and ask if you could wire hin $500.00 through his agent in Nigeria through Western Union and he will pay you back as soon as he and his ship loaded with 1 million barrels of crud are in the USA, which he claims will be in two weeks. He has broken english, claims to speak Italian (I read, write and speak Italian, HE DOES NOT, he did not even know who Luciano Pavarroti was! I found , also on this site, a notice from the daughter of the man whos identity he has stolen. She says her Father died in February 2007, and was 67 years old from Louisville, Kentucky and feels really hurt that this Nigerian swindler is using her deceased fathers good name in such a vulgar way. Just stay away from this man. Deleat him from any IM systems, address books, etc. you have added him to. He will give you the phone number of a 'Friend' he claims is living in Big Bear lake, CA and this friend will call you to tell you how nice Stephen Scott is! It is 100% lies, just delete him from your computer and block him from contacting you. Nothing but a very slick CON MAN! Just Google the name Don Bisihr and see that he is on many dating sites and each with a different photograph. I believe the the 'Agent ' he asks you to wire funds to is him STANLEY IBGMERE #2 OGBA ROAD IKEJA, NIGERIA 23401 So Called 'American Friend RONALD RICHARDSON' of Big Bear Lake has phone number 1-760-646-8733, but when you call it sounds hollow, like a speaker phone and the person has trouble saying Ronald correctly in English. He may tell you that he is staying at the 'Airport Hotel' with the Nigerian number of 234-703-277-2316 he will tell you to ask for him by Stephen Scott. So, as you can see there are many men in on this scam. DO NOT FALL FOIR IT!!!
Please REPORT him at any dating site you find him on, they will remove his profile and ban him. I had hime removed from B2.Net and am going now to have him removed from

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