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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Alex Barry

Name: Alex Barry


Alex Barry.Director hos Civil EngineeringHar studeret på Clark Atlanta UniversityBor i Atlanta, GeorgiaEnke/enkemandTaler English English, SpanishFra Atlanta, Georgia

Other Comments:
sept. 29 2011

Finally he ask for money !!!!!

Alex Barry: Hello my have you been doing..

birte_dk2001: . Do you have a camera? Let's video chat here __

birte_dk2001: . Alex, do you want to video chat with me on facebook chat? Click here __

birte_dk2001: i have been doing fine thank you, and you ?

Alex Barry: My day went well for me...just hard a very bad day a work...

birte_dk2001: oh, what happened

Alex Barry: just have a really bad day here....the weed machine stop working today..and will have to stop working for that..

birte_dk2001: so you much repair the machine

Alex Barry: Yeah..i have taken it to the company where it will get repair...just tired of the bills..

birte_dk2001: oh yeah i can understand that

Alex Barry: just don't know what to do about you know i have to pay the workers and the hotel Bills...

birte_dk2001: yes i know, it must be expensive

Alex Barry: Yeah my love...i was ask to pay $3000..but can only figure out $2,500 my love...and just have about some few work here...

birte_dk2001: oh that does not sound good, will you be able to stay at the hotel then

Alex Barry: Yeah,i will..but i need to get the remain money for the company i might start working ....

Alex Barry: just don't know what to do my love..

birte_dk2001: so you want me to help you out

Alex Barry: I don't have any other means my love...i have only have you and James...

birte_dk2001: okey where do i send the money too

Alex Barry: i will give you the info where you will send it my love..and will inform the manager about it..and how much will you be helping me with my love...

birte_dk2001: i can only afford to pay the 500 dollars

Alex Barry: Thanks so much for that..and will have to start working back..cos i only have about few weeks here to be done with the project....

Alex Barry: and besides when are you gotta send the money to me here..

birte_dk2001: within a week

Alex Barry: Oh okay my could make it this weeks...

Alex Barry: i mean week...

birte_dk2001: no it will take me a few days to get the money

birte_dk2001: but send the information

Alex Barry: Oh okay my babe..and will have to wait till then before i could start working ....

Alex Barry: sorry babe....the keypad problem....

Alex Barry: Name:Alex Barry



address:plot 128,Victoria Ireland Road



Text:what my pet name


did you get the info my love...

birte_dk2001: yes i did

Alex Barry: Oh okay my love..i hope you write it down..James will be very happy to hear that my love...cos he have been telling me that he wanna be with his Mum..

Alex Barry has signed back in. (29-09-2011 13:15)

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