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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Tatyana from Vladivocstok (or Dallas, Texas, USA)

Name: Tatyana from Vladivocstok (or Dallas, Texas, USA)


Dallas, Texas, USA

Other Comments:
Tatyana came out of the blue. Claims to work as a nurse in Dallas for six months now. She is from Russia (Vladivocstok). The IP is Yoshkar-Ola.


Datum: 30-1-2008 21:54:46
Aan: djvandellen

Hello dear stranger !!!!!!!!!!!! I wish get acquainted with you. I would be very pleased if you write me a quick reply and send me your photo. I hope that we can learn from each other better through our letters, through our dialogue. I hope that you can understand what I write to you. Simply, I have little practice to communicate in the English language. I now live in america, in the state of Texas. I arrived in america for a working visa. and now, I work in a hospital nurse in america. I really like to help people. I really love your country - it is a very good country. here to be a very good nature. it is very beautiful. I am very interested to explore the culture of America. and more practiced in the English language here in the state of Texas. I would like to meet with you and know more about you. I ask for forgiveness if I deliver my letter to you inconvenience to you. I get this email through the agency of acquaintances here in america. I am just looking for good, Heart-felt with a good friend and gentle heart. I search for my Heart-felt friend, my soul and the heart. Who would be the backbone for me in a difficult moment. Who could always give support not fall. The Good, gentle man. It does not matter to him how many years. Physical beauty rot sooner or later. And the beauty of human soul remain with him at all times. So that you do not feel embarrassed to ask. I write what you want to know about me. . For me it is very important to understanding and Respect and trust each other. and now, with your permission I would like to tell you a little about myself. Tatyana my name. I come from russia in america to working visa. and now, as I speak to you already. I work in a hospital nurse. as things turned out in my life that I had to fly in america to my father. Yes, my father was an American. and my mother be Russian. my father to get acquainted with my mother long ago in the time of the existence of the Soviet Union. my parents loved each other. but in times of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, my dad was not allowed to stay in russia. and he had to return back to america. and my mother to stay alone in russia. and it is futile and cry. , and then I was born. it is December 1, 1979 to be a quarrel between the times of America and the Soviet Union. and my dad is simply not allowed to be with my mother. and so is my mother in life. that she had to give birth to me, and build a one. I very much appreciate my mom. LET me that it is. My mother now live in russia in the city of Vladivostok. it is the city where I was born and held my childhood. I am very interested in knowing about you. when you were born?? You know your parents' love story ????? I ask you not feel embarrassed and tell you more. where you work?? and what you love to do in their free time. I now live in the city of Dallas. This is a big city compared with Russian cities. and so be noisy. I do not like big cities. but because of my work. I had to work a nurse here in the city of Dallas hospital. I really like to work in a hospital nurse. Since childhood, I wanted to become a doctor. and I am very glad that my dream realized. what is your dream to be a child?? I am very interested in knowing more about you. Write me what you want to know about me. I will be happy to read your letter and your response to a question. I think it is very interesting to learn about the life of another person. You agree with me? I hope that you will be happy to read my letter. Write to me. I will await your response. your Tatyana.

P.S. I hope that you will love, I see a photo. Send me your please...

Letter 1

Datum: 02/02/08 11:18:38
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: Re: I want to know you

hello !!!!!!!!!!!! . I have great pleasure that I write to you. I would very much like to continue our communication with you and our familiarity with you. I would like us to share with each other our photos. I ask you to send me your photo. I am happy to look at your photos. and I am very pleased that the Agency Dating to give me your email. and I will be able to learn about you closer through our communication with you via email. I am very pleased that you write to me. how you spent your day today?? what you do today ????? I want to know more about you. Please tell more about themselves. I want to know more about you. I wish you a very good day. my hope that your deliberations will go well?? you good luck in everything. I am all ok. Today I work. I have recently come from the hospital where I work nurse. I care for the sick there. Hospital fall in many patients. and all need help. and I help them. I think that my work is very important to be a nurse. you agree with me?? I work half a year already in the hospital in the city Dallas.tx. in our hospital is a very good medical staff. and I want to tell you. that I really like to work there. I find a lot of good girlfriends there. in our hospital is a very good woman. to be approximately 50 years. Eleanor her name. and it is still work there. I have a lot to learn from this woman. and I want to tell you that I have this woman to live with it. Eleanor be a friend of my deceased dad. it just be a good friend. and Eleanor knew about the great love my dad to my mom. Pope to my regret died half a year ago. his name be Nick. but then my parents finally were able to meet after so many years of separation. They very much loved each other. and my mother was able to visit with his father before his death. Yes, I also see my father. He was very surprised. when saw me. I was very glad for the soul. I finally saw it from my father. and this meeting with my father to be happy. and at the same time and it was very sad and pain in the heart. when my dad died in my eyes. I cry for a long time. and my mother, too, to be in tears a few days. it is indeed a very joyous and at the same time very sad and sorrowful day in my life. you can imagine. be as painful to lose immediately, with our first meeting my father. it is for me a great shock and pain. you can see and feel. What I experience the pain of half a year ago ?????? my friend at the time, I have become acquainted with Eleanor. it is very good to be a woman. it has a lot to help us at the time. She was able to house us in her house. my father's family. not very well receptive to us. when we come to my father, along with my mother. and after the death of my father. they simply drive us. and Eleanor, I am very grateful that it has helped us. my mother to return back to russia. but I stay. and now, as I speak to you already. I live with Eleanor in her home. we almost live together with Eleanor already half a year. celebrate holidays together. and go through a lot together. Eleanor, I love to meet in the kitchen. and just drink tea. and talk. We talk a lot in the evenings with her about life. or simply dine together, or drink coffee in the mornings. You drink coffee morning ????? I really like to drink coffee. I know how to produce good coffee. teach me to cook well Eleanor. I generally like to cook in the kitchen. I incorporate music in the kitchen and start preparing food. I usually listen to Russian music, which I bring home from russia half a year ago. and I also like American music. but not so. what you love music?? what you love to do in their free time. love you cook in the kitchen ????? as your most favorite food ?????? I like to eat Russian food. I also like and Italian cuisine. you try Russian cuisine or Italian?? advise you to try on Russian cuisine, especially rus c such pancakes with jam or meat. it is very tasty !!!!! I can cook pancakes and herself. I am good at it. I think that one day I can treat you my food. I think that you are very like my cooking?? in the free time I like to take a walk in the park in the city of Dallas. I include MP3 player, put on headphones. and walking in the street. it is a pleasure to be so soul. my soul to rest. in their spare time, I also like to play sports. you love sports?? I go along with my girlfriends 2-3 times a week in the gym. I like to play sports aerobics. Also, I love to swim. you love to swim in the water ???????? Also I like to go with friends to get something in the cafe. or simply spend time reading a book. I tell you already that I come from russia. I Vladivocstok born in the city. and in half a year ago, when I come here in america in dallas for a working visa. me to be very difficult to live here in america in the first place. I do not know anyone here, other than good Eleanor. but now I have a lot of friends. You have friends?? I also remain in russia my girlfriend. and I really miss my girlfriend now. I appreciate and respect the friendship. I think that we could become very good friends. or even more. how do you think ?????? Now I need to go into the shower and then cook something delicious that for me and for Eleanor to the evening. I await your speedy response. Best wishes to you and a good day. your new friend Tatyana !!!!!!!!!

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