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Is a carpool violation a moving or a parking violation?


I just got a ticket for HOV violation (carpool violation). Is this a moving or a parking violation? This happened in California. Any ideas on how much this ticket will cost me?


It depends.

If your citation has a code 21655.5B then that means your got into the carpool lane by accident and this is not a point violation and therefore no traffic school is necessary.

But anything else - for example a 21655 or 21655b citiation would be a point and traffic school can be taken if it has not within the last 18 months. In some states you will get multiple points, e.g. in New York = 5 points on your driver's record for an intentional carpool violation.

If this was your first carpool violation, then your ticket should be between $300 and $500. Repeaters can get fined up to $1000 (as of December 2005).

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