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Dating scammer Rose Villin


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Name: Rose Villin


This is the first e-mail that asked for money.

Thanks for the mail i will like to talk with you soon hope to hear from you soon and tell me the time you will be here .About what am telling you and i will be very happy of you can help me with some money to have some food here .and i will also do all my best to make you happy with anything you want, please try to help me .

This is the address to send the money by Western Union.below

Name............Rose Villin
Address.........Block 4 OAU University

I will be very happy to hear from you soon. Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and hugssssssssssssssssssssss

Other Comments:
The itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy Yahoo id was added Sept 2, 2009, but the Rose Villin id was added to Yahoo on Dec 12, 2007. So either she was planted almost 2 years ago and just activated or the other people she has scammed have not reported it.

She gave me her phone number: 011-234-803-434-7711. I called the number, not from my cell figured she won't answer, and a woman answered. She had a heavy accent, which could have been Dutch or German, and there was a man in the background speaking German.

The IP address of the e-mail is, same one used in other scams

This is from my lastest contact with this person, asking for another $100, she has taking me for $1900.

She is very good, even asked for the amount of correct fees on the OAU (universtiy in Nigeria) fee listing. And she has a Student Id card although it has expired. My speculation is she has association with someone on the security force at OAU as she used them in the scam.

itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: hello dear
lccoolj60: Hello
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: how are you doing?
lccoolj60: I'm fine and you
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: am cool
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: how is your family?
lccoolj60: The family is fine.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: did you see my email
lccoolj60: So what is going on?
lccoolj60: Yes I saw you e-mail
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: the reason why you dont see me online since is that i dont have money to buy time code for you no think am i dont want to talk with you again'
lccoolj60: Oh, I didn't think that
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: ok
lccoolj60: So do you still have your cell phone?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: yes
lccoolj60: does it have a camera?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: it doesnt my love
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: is just a simple phone
lccoolj60: I see
lccoolj60: How are you feeling now?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: am getting better
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: please my love i want us to back to normal and we talk like before you know i dont have any body again
lccoolj60: That is good that you are geetting better
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: are you still there?
lccoolj60: Interestring when you type that you don't have any body, to take that literaly means you don't have a body so are you a sprit?
lccoolj60: Instead of typing anybody. Just my goofy sense of humor
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: ok dear
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: am just telling you that is only you i have now and i want us to be talking like before and to share things together
lccoolj60: Share what things?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: talk together like before
lccoolj60: what those perfect lips of yours could do?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: yes my love with the advice you give to me
lccoolj60: Sounds titlating
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: ok my dear
lccoolj60: Speaking of tits, how are yours doing? Are your nipples aching for someone to suck on them?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: but onething is that i dont have money to buy time code and if you can help me with 100dollar to buy time code and get some food to eat and you will be giving me the time you will be online and i will come and meet you
lccoolj60: Ah what is money compared to love?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: but know that love care for each other you know that i dont have anymoney on me here again
lccoolj60: The thing is I am confused why your e-mail came from Germany, somewhere near Berlin when you are suppose to be in Ile-Ife? And the student Id card was for the 2007-2008 session not 2008-2009? Maybe you are only pretending to be there?
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: on my love
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: the internet IP address is from school and they buy it and i dont know where they buy it from you know my school dont have internet IP adress
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: and for the school ID card
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: i have applied for the 2007/2008 session and i pay for it that time during that time am very sick that i cant come here for the program and i have pay for it before am ok i cant meet up with the program again because i like to come out with good grade and i apply for it the following year that is why
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: so they have issue school ID card for and accommodation and everything like that
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: that is what is happen my love you know if i dont have the valid ID card i cant get the money you sent to me
lccoolj60: Sorry babe, but I worked with building web sites and IP addresses are not sold that way and I am not sending you anymore money.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: i told you that i cant lie or do anything that can hurt you my love am Real Rose my love
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: but am not in Germany as you know and if am in Germany i cant get the money you send to me from Garmany
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: and the phone number you i gave you is Nigeria phone number
lccoolj60: So it is, but still not sending you any money, Rose or whatever your name is.
lccoolj60: The picture you sent me is of a model on the Focus Hawii Int'l site and has been used by numerous others, like Molly Henderson, Tope Williams Messi Baker, and others to scam people so most likely this is one too.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: but you are in the possition to help me now as you know that is only you i have so we can talk better and you will know that am not here for game or anything
lccoolj60: Well it is not a game to you, as it is the way you to have a like, but you got all you are getting from me.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: am not getting anything from you
lccoolj60: That's right
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: no my dear
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: am not like the way you think
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: please just believe me
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: i cant do anything to hurt you am real
lccoolj60: If you are real go find someone with a cmaera phone and go to the sign in front of the postgraduate hostel and have them take a picture of you standing underneath it so the sign is included and then just a head shot with the sign and that will be proof.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: i dont have any money to pay for that
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: because i will pay for the taking the pic and for the scaning of pic to
lccoolj60: Always with you it is excuse, that is not good and I have to go now and look for work.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: but am telling you what i need to get the pic for you
lccoolj60: You make it to hard. If someone has a camera phone they can send the phots to your phone and you can send them to mine. Have to go now.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy is typing a message.
itiswellwithmysoulamen ogodofmearcy: how can i send it on to your phone i dont know


2009-10-09, 02:53:17   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2009-10-09, 02:53:17   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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2009-10-09, 02:53:17   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Diana Johnson




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