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Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana


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P O BOX 10

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Works with another person named Martin Oppong
Uncle/friend/lover..who knows

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2017-01-28, 16:33:42   (updated: 2017-01-28, 16:34:10)
anonymous from United States  
You might wanna connect with Catrinel on Facebook to see if she's still married to Massimo Brambati, an Italian Footballer shown in this picture.

2017-01-28, 17:11:39
anonymous from United States  
Tabloids say Catrinel was so in love with her husband, Massimo Brambati, that she got tattooed in a very intimate spot 'Massimo Per Semper' translated 'Massimo Forever'.

2017-01-29, 09:23:26
anonymous from United States  
Wow thanks guys! I will do my homework. I can't believe the nerve these people have, thank you guys so much for your help, as stated above I will play it out, because the last set of pictures deffinitly looks like her!!! I cannot believe it, and thanks again for your help.
2017-01-29, 16:45:40
OJAS from United States  
DOC illustrates photoshop http://www.delphifa..15#269008

Grande Finale articles start with http://www.delphifa..htm#168643
2017-01-29, 21:28:29   (updated: 2017-01-29, 21:36:00)
anonymous from United States  
So you guys are awesome for all the help you have given to me! I stated that earlier but it unfortunately didn't post to this page? Anyways all the things said were very helpful and you guys are right about me being a newbie but like you guys stated, everyone starts as a newbie. In any event, it all started on and I started getting these scammers, I figured at least one of the women that have contacted me would be real? So I've been talking to multiple women to try to weed them out, I've got it down to the model that posted with my name and how it was pointed out with her fake hand! Lol, I'm so grateful to have your help! So now, I've got one more that I have been talking too that just actually moved to my sisters hometown!!! Can you believe it! So now I've got the upper hand, so I feel? I told her once she told me where she is living and told her that's where my sister lives,she was really excited and wanted to meet, how can a scammer be a scammer if she wants me to meet her, so if I go and it's a scam, worse case scenario I visit my sister and it's not a loss, my sister moves to Ohio and I'm from Michigan so it would be a 2 hour drive. Problem is, I posted her pictures earlier on this site and I was told it was Kelli Scott. I even looked up Kelli Scott and I agree, I would never mention this site, but said I sent her picture to my sister and was telling her who this is the new women I'm talking to and my sister said that it was Kelli Scott, thag was the front I used, she got pissed and said that ppl are stealing her pictures and she is so pissed etc... anyways I've got some more pictures tonight out of her, tell me what you think? I mean, if she's up to meeting how could it be a scam? She said I could come over anytime, or we could meet, that it's up to me??? So there's one for you guys! Try to figure this one out, cause I sure as hell cant! Trust me, I'm wise to my wallet and addresses! I'm looking forward to your answers. Thanks again guys!

2017-01-29, 21:30:13
anonymous from United States  
2017-01-29, 21:42:16
anonymous from United States  
Another pic, noticed different phone, but women go through different phone cases like no other! So who knows! What gets me is that I told her she is living in the same city as my sister let me remind you, she mentioned the city first which is crazy but anyways, why would she send me pics of someone else when she's like come on over tomorrow! She didn't know I couldn't make it cause I'm in another state working but I wouldn't send pics of someone else and invite them over! I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say about this one! Thanks again guys!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana

2017-01-30, 00:03:10
OJAS from United States  
Trace IP of email, Headers listing posted earlier.
2017-01-30, 04:43:11   (updated: 2017-01-30, 04:45:13)
anonymous from United States  
Working on learning my iPhone as to getting the ip address, I will keep you guys posted. , what do I got to loose though? Worse case scenario I get to see my niece and nephew !thankswbb
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana

2017-01-30, 09:37:56   (updated: 2017-01-30, 09:39:59)
KELLI SCOTT has many fakes online, on different websites. She has a YOUTUBE channel that has proof videos with her ONLY profiles on - Any other profiles you see using her pictures are FAKE... check it out.
2017-01-30, 11:31:25
OJAS from United States  
1) Type this URL in the address bar of your browser and hit Enter

2) Type these words on the first box and hit Enter
iphone headers IP

This will get you started on your research on these words

A suggestion to make addressing easy for conversation ...

Replace the anonymous box with Wolverine or any of your favorite team. I can assure you that way when your scammer tries to google that name to see who is reporting them, they can NEVER get your personally identifiable information. On this site are many instances of scammers bullying their victims, including death threats, LOL!

By now you might have realized that you are talking to a MAN, regardless of whose stolen pix they use!

You can talk to some celebrities like porn stars ONLY on their own web sites, usually charging like $35 per session. They DON'T WASTE their time emailing strangers!

Another point about photoshop. DOC replaced a "I love (victim's name)" with his own name posted the otherwise exact pic!, so the scammer got 2 names for the price of one! DOC also posted the well-known porn star, Raven Riley, "dressed in traditional Ghanaian attire!"
2017-01-30, 11:55:43
OJAS from United States  
First identify the person whose pic / video has been stolen.

Then search the real name in these URLs

E.g. search Kelli Scott on those and see how much time she spends on selfies with how many different phone covers!
2017-01-30, 13:00:14
Bax from United States  
Please make sure to keep us updated on this matter.
Scammer like anyone, get bored at times and will talk just to pass time and feel out a potential mark as a final entry. They Can always just disappear and forget the lost instance.

Um... I'm not saying that this is the case here But,
Be Well Aware of what has occurred in the past!

This case and many similar ones are cataloged here at DelphiFAQ but I couldn't find the thread and page right-off. Instead I have copy/paste from the original article @

Also cataloged are articles of total financial loss and suicides by victims.

Nigerian Kills 67-Year-Old Australian Lover

By Uduma Kalu
Australian Police have said a great grandmother who was found dead in South Africa was murdered by her online Nigerian scammer she met on a dating site. Australian Federal Police officers are already in Nigeria investigating the woman's death.

The West Australian newspaper reported, Monday, that the body of Jette Jacobs, 67, from Wagin in Australia was found in a Johannesburg guest house on February 9, 2013, more than two months after she reportedly went there to meet a Nigerian, 28-year-old Jesse Orowo Omokoh. Omokoh was the last person to see Ms Jacobs alive and told police he found her body. He has since disappeared.
2017-01-30, 13:14:03   (updated: 2017-01-30, 13:21:12)
Bax from United States  
A current article in reference to DOC's monkey make-ups...

Chimps beat up, murder and then cannibalise their former tyrant

2017-01-30, 15:07:01
OJAS from United States  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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