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Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana


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P O BOX 10

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Works with another person named Martin Oppong
Uncle/friend/lover..who knows

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2007-06-29, 18:21:26
anonymous from United States  

2007-06-29, 18:33:09
anonymous from United States  
more of this same scam she asked me for 150 , i knew it was a scam she hit me up on bbw personnals. i messed her from the get go told her i was gonna send her some money. the whole time i was messing with her i told her i was gonna send her some jewelery that i bought for her diamonds. i messed with her for a few days, had some fun becuase they screww with people.

2007-08-30, 13:40:05
anonymous from United States  
yes there was a I was talking to and she ask me for money and I send her $80 dollars and she ask me for more money and I didn't send her anything her name is and her email is put her picture up and the man know she like to play games.
2007-09-01, 17:12:20
[hidden] from Ireland  
Met a couple of scammers via horny matches dating site.First one goes by the name of Esi Baawah Ansah says she come from Turkey,but her father is from Ghana.Her cousin Gladys Darbah.Their friend Oppong Quansah aka Selina Oto or Otu.Their minder or pimp is called Nana Butler.Say he is a travel agent for Gflight addresses used are time 2 define a third one has been buzzing me, says she is a Swedish nursing graduate doing national service in Ghana.calls herself Policio is hasnt a trace of Swedish accent.They are very cunning and as I say I met the first one Esi through the Turkish section of horny matches .com.Somehow I ended up contacting Ghana.I was trying to avoid the African sites .But they have infiltrated the other regions seeking victims now.I repeat I was trying to avoid the Nigerian region.They are trying to pass themselves off as coming from places such as Turkey now.Esi Baawah,s photos were on the hornymatches site but have been deleted now.As I say I didnt come seeking Ghana it came seeking me.As far as I am concerned all international aid should be cut off from the country. I cant afford to support these people willingly or otherwise.Ghana is a resource rich country.
2007-09-07, 04:25:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  
as above ,i will definetely not or ever sent funds now to african countries,they have scammed from me plenty.if you ever intend to send aid there are plenty of other countries or even local communities need our hard earned cash.
2007-09-07, 04:30:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
bitch sent me from her lawyer michael asari a reciept for cash i sent ,cheapest photo-copy ,i told her i nead for bank
2007-09-21, 16:31:58
anonymous from United States  

2008-01-05, 11:48:31
anonymous from Ghana  
Holy shit
2008-01-17, 07:01:44
anonymous from United States  
In regards to the below corespondence.. I had a similar experience with a lady named Matilda Ofri from ACCRA Ghana.. She asked if I woould forward package to her from one of her friends. I innocently did so. Then all these other packages started turning up and when I checked the invoices the goods had been charged to people all over the US. I sent all these people letters saying I thought their credit card numbers had been stolen and sure enough, I was right. I turned all the info overe to the FBI, the US Secret service and the US Postal Inspector. Am still waiting on an outcome..
Recently I received a request from a friend of hers saying she (Matilda Ofori) was in the hospital and needed money for treatment. I asked what hospital and then went to look it up on the ACCRA search engine... Of course there was no such facility. I ahve posted a few pictures of her below so be wary.....

To all concern. Dorothy Aqua (if this is her real name) is the name of a young lady whom I have been chatting with for a time now. She like 100 % of all the women I have been corresponding with from Africa has been repeatedly asking me for money to help with a visa, airline tickets and whatever else they can think of but, when I refuse this young lady she ask if she could have my mailing address so she can have somethings sent to me. I very foolishly gave her the information she asked for and have received the items she mentioned.
A couple of days later I received letter from the place where she made these purchases stating that the 'credit card number use to make this purchase has failed' the thing is I never made any purchases and I don't own the credit cards mentioned in the letter.
Needless to say this young lady has several credit cards and is using them to make purchase and having them sent to other to be rerouted to her in Accra Ghana to someone Name Ahmed Saeed 2654 EAST-LEGON ACCRA-GHANA 00233. Her email address is

2008-01-20, 16:12:22
anonymous from United States  
I have been in contact with a person from Ghana named as well as username chabluv from interracial match .com. I also found one of her pics in another dating site under a different name. Some of what I read above sounds like what I have encountered [ send money for Visa and airline ticket all via Western Union ] I have sent some money way back but have shut her off and she is not liking it. She really sounds so good and claims she loves me which makes it difficult to leave her alone, and hear is the 'Kicker' she claims her father passed away and needs help to get her inheritance out of the country to come to America. She claimed to have found a buyer for her gold from the middle east and someone there sent me some counterfeit travel checks written on the Bank of America which is my bank and the Feds were contacted at that point as I was not going to get into any trouble for someone I had not seen in person. This person is either the most sincere girl in the world or one of the most clever scammers . My heart is saying stay, while my head tells me run far away and stay away. Tell me if anyone knows of this person as I am very aware of the scams out of Africa now.
2008-01-20, 23:21:39
'S' from United States  
Sorry you lost money anon.Now,Not to 'rub salt in the wound' BUT the girl's whose pic's are used in these scam's have nothing to do with it.You were not coresponding with a female but a male.Only about 1% of scammer's are female and they are generally from Eastern Europe.You did the right thing by severing contact,any check or money order they would have sent would have been fake and you'd be out that money and liable to reimberse the bank for any overdraw plus the fact that in the USA it's considered wire-fraud and you could be criminally charged!

2008-01-24, 03:30:02
anonymous from Canada  
Is she a scam. want to know. goes by name Janet form Techimam Ghana age 32.

2008-02-02, 16:15:23
So what can anyone tell me about a girl named Jessy Scott from Nigeria or Lamine Osei from Ghana? Anyone else have contact with either supposed female?

Also this Mabel you have posted also goes by the name of Monica Clancy monicamate_2006@yahoo as well so she/he has many alias. Each of these can show a passport and such that look to be very real.

Let me know if anyone has heard of the first two though I would sure appreciate it. Thanks
2008-02-29, 22:50:06
[hidden] from Auckland, New Zealand  
met lady named Joyce uses handle joyce_lovely40 on yahoo she from ghana n man the trouble i have to give anything to her at all astounds me she surely cant be scammer wen she ask me nothing n will not take anything even send money one time cos care ok n she yell at me to get it back.So i feel she has to be rer4sl but welcome comments n oh yea a she is gorgeous
Joe McTaggart
2008-02-29, 22:50:47
[hidden] from Auckland, New Zealand  
met lady named Joyce uses handle joyce_lovely40 on yahoo she from ghana n man the trouble i have to give anything to her at all astounds me she surely cant be scammer wen she ask me nothing n will not take anything even send money one time cos care ok n she yell at me to get it back.So i feel she has to be rer4sl but welcome comments n oh yea a she is gorgeous
Joe McTaggart
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