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About the Delphi VCL (Visual Component Library)


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Delphi 5: designtime code and runtime code

According to Inprise's Readme.txt, DSGNINTF.DCU is no longer
shipped with Delphi. Thus, component developers should consider
segregating design-time code into separate units from runtime
code. Runtime code should not refer to those units.

How can this be accomplished?

Property editors and all design time stuff, including the
registering of the components should be in its own design
time package. That package should require the runtime package
that includes all the components runtime stuff. It should also
require vcl50.bpl which is where the dsgnintf code is currently
residing (that will probably change to dsnidexx.bpl in the
Nowhere in the runtime package should dsgnintf be
referenced. It is just a matter of correctly segrigating the
designtime code from the runtime code. You can't just write
your component and property editors in the same unit.

Distributing the dsgnintf code has always been a violation of
the license agreement. In D4 this caused some problems in
trying to fix some internal IDE code since it was too public
in the past and Borland knew people were not doing things

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