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Featured Article

How does a 302 redirect affect me? What is 302 Hijacking?


I have heard about 302 Hijacking that possibly removes my site from google's index. How does a 302 redirect affect me?


Let's say a hostile site sets up a 302 redirect to your site, then googlebot (the spider) see the temporary redirect from to

Such a temporary redirect can be set up as a header redirect (clean solution with a 302 status) or supposedly also using meta tags.

When the spider sees the redirect, it concludes that is a new version of your - because the temporary redirect tells google that is there only temporarily.
Logically Google will then remove from its index. So now when someone uses a search term that would have normally brought up your site will now bring up their

Google knows of the problem but as of today (5/8/2005) the problem is not fixed. Google hides the wrong URLs artificially when you search using this special syntax (''). The hostile URLs are still in the database and will still come up on normal searches.

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