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Featured Article

Certificate problem with Payflow pro e-commerce solution

"The certificate chain did not validate, no local certificate found"


I installed Payflow Pro on a new machine which we will be using for e-commerce. I have an installation on a development machine already and just moved the relevant perl scripts to the new box.
Payflow pro was installed (copied files to /usr/local/verisign and the binary to /usr/sbin )
and the digital certificate is installed as well. The apache web server has mod_ssl installed and everything is nice.

But when we make a test purchase, payflow pro complains
"The certificate chain did not validate, no local certificate found"


Look at your script from where you call the payflow binary. In the case of perl you will have a statement like this:

$ENV{PFPRO_CERT_PATH} .= "/var/www/cgi-bin/certs";

This adds the specified directory to your environment variable PFPRO_CERT_PATH.
  1. make sure that this folder actually exists.
  2. the code shown above - which is how the sample script provided by Verisign looks like - appends the folder to the existing path. In one case that existing path was not empty. There should be : between entries or the path should simply be assigned by

    $ENV{PFPRO_CERT_PATH} = "/var/www/cgi-bin/certs";

    (replace .= with =)

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